Once elected, Tanner's priorities will be to fight for Coastal Restoration/Hurricane Protection, solving the state budgeting process, and fighting for the seafood industry.

Louisiana needs a long-term plan to fix the broken budget.

Over the last eight years, Louisiana has continued to use short-term solutions to fix the budget. More often than not, the solution was to cut higher education and healthcare, which are the only two expenditures not protected by the Louisiana Constitution. This is an unsustainable plan. It is critical for this state to have a constitutional convention to allow the Legislature to cut all spending programs in times of revenue shortfalls. More importantly, the solution isn’t more taxes.

We need to continue the fight for our coast.

We have made a lot of progress since Katrina and Rita ravaged our communities in South Louisiana. But we have a long way to go. We need to keep fighting to build levees, floodgates, locks, and restore our wetlands and barrier islands.

We are not doing enough for local fisherman.

From his time assisting seafood recovery after Katrina and Rita, Tanner knows how important the seafood industry is to Terrebonne. Simply, it is more than job, it is a way of life. Our seafood is the best in the world and feeds the nation. We need to see this industry thrive, not fight to survive.